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"Technology will be key to engaging young people in the issues affecting our planet" - Colin Buttfield, WWF UK

“Lie on the bridge and watch the water flowing past. Or run, or wade through the swamp in your red boots. Or roll yourself up and listen to the rain falling on the roof. It's very easy to enjoy yourself.” ― Tove Jansson, Moominvalley in November

Preparing a travel with a child (Finland)

We’ll be heading to Sweden, Finland and Estonia soon, as a first travel to prepare our WEAR-ABOUTS Baltic Sea project. Having a child is a powerful change and driver in one’s life as it impacts all aspects of it, work included. Numerous mothers (and fathers we hope), newly called “Mom entrepreneurs”, are creating new projects... Continue Reading →

Turku (Finland) through Pikkuli

Our upcoming travel will lead us to Turku and its region, in the south-west part of Finland, by the coast, with numerous islands. Turku is also the home of ‘Sun in eye’ production, who created Pikkuli cartoons then educational apps, beautifully made around the Pikkuli baby bird character, his family and friends, facing new challenges... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins

WEAR-ABOUTS Baltic Sea project, awarded by WORTH Partnership Project (EU COSME Programme) will be starting soon. It is time for the team to start to plan forthcoming activities and a first travel in Finland, Estonia and Sweden for June 2019. One of the first steps for this travel preparation, will be to select the places... Continue Reading →

WEAR-ABOUTS Baltic Sea – The project

WEAR-ABOUTS Baltic Sea is part of the wider concept called WEAR-ABOUTS, addressing different European regions and having thus a transnational approach (targeting several neighbouring countries). WEAR-ABOUTS first concept was created by Laetitia Barbu and Ruxandra Lupu joined her to develop the project with a co-creative perspective. WEAR-ABOUTS projects are involving a series of partners from... Continue Reading →

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